How hard is it to repair an ipad in Adelaide?


When it comes to iPad repairs Adelaide, it can be an unfortunate event that your iPad is broken. Maybe you have dropped it and smashed the touch screen digitizer or cracked the LCD. Repair parts for iPad first generation, or even the iPad2 are quite expensive to say the least, when in direct comparison to their smaller brothers and sisters the iPod and iPhone.

Not only are the parts much more expensive, the complexity of repairing the iPad is somewhat more difficult than that of the iPod or iPhone. Much due care must be taken when lifting the touch screen and LCD module away from the main chassis, as there is not much room to play with and the top section containing the LCD and touch screen are still connected by a few ribbon and antenna cables so not forcing it out is recommended.

The LCD and touch screen digitizer of the Apple iPad first generation is held in by what you could describe as barbed locking tabs. There are techniques used to unlock these tabs but if the wrong procedure is followed, you can risk doing further damage to the iPad.

No matter how careful you are when repairing an iPad, trouble can still surface. When replacing the touch screen digitizer on these, depending on whether its a 3G or wi-fi version, certain other parts should be ordered at the same time as when the replacement digitizer is obtained because an antenna module sits between the digitizer frame, and the digitizer itself and it takes a very skilled person to successfully remove, and re-use the original one during the repair. We have found it easier to just order the module and have this replaced at the time of the touch screen repair as it is adhesived in, so a fresh ones slots in nicely without any headaches known.

Lots of people sell spare parts for ipad’s on large auction sites, expecting that a user can Do it Yourself repair at home. We commonly see many products attempted to be repaired at home by users where fatal damage has been caused due to inexperience. You can watch a video online to help you but these are normally heavily edited and make for a “perfect repair” which can only normally happen by someone experienced that they can basically do the repair in their sleep. We always recommend a professional technician look at your broken device and with technology advancing, the repairs change all the time. For all your advice and repair enquiries please call Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales today!