Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales knows that you care how information about you is used and shared. This Policy explains how we collect, use and disclose the information you provide to us when you visit our Web site. We will make every effort to adhere to the highest ethical standards in gathering, using and safeguarding visitor information that is entrusted to our business. Use of our Web site constitutes consent to any privacy policy then in place.

What Personal Information about Visitors does Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales collect?

We do not store any personally identifying information locally at Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales regarding the use of our website services, other than for the sole purpose of delivering or processing a goods order, or to respond to an enquiry. Our hosting, web domain company, or payments processing parters may though store more than this.

The information collected from visitors by us and our business partners, helps to personalise and continually improve the services employed by Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales™ from them. The following is the type of information that may be collected:

* Information that you voluntarily provide: They receive and may store any information you voluntarily enter on our Web site or give in any other way. This may include information provided by you in surveys, registration forms, sweepstakes entries, e-mails, payments or click through websites etc. This information may include, but, is not limited to, your name, e-mail address, street address and phone numbers and payment processing information. This information may be used for purposes such as customising or improving the services employed by Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales from our business partners (for example web hosting company, domain registry company, website design company or payment processing companies).
* Automatic Information: Our hosting, domain or payment processing partners may possibly automatically collect a variety of technical data, such as your IP address, domain name and browser type. They may track to where and from where you link to our Web site, and which of our pages you access. This data is is possibly collected automatically and used to help to look at trends so services employed by Budget Mobile Phone Repaires and Sales by them, can continuously be improved when utilised by our Web site, and the way that you use it.
* Cookies. Like many Web sites, “cookies” may be used by our hosting, domain or payment processing partners, but are not utilised knowingly by Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales. Cookies are small pieces of information stored by the browser on your hard drive. Cookies allow our Web site employed partners to recognise you, record your progress from page to page and recall certain information that you’ve entered previously. Most Web browsers allow you to exercise control over cookie files on your computer by erasing them, blocking them or notifying you when a cookie is stored on your computer. You can choose to decline these cookies if your browser permits, but if you do, some parts of our Web site may not function properly.

How Do We Use the Information We Receive from Visitors?

We may utilise our website, domain, hosting or payment processing partners accumulated information about our Web site visitors’ behavior and equipment to improve Web site performance and evaluate users’ reaction to the content and design of our Web site. Personally identifiable information you voluntarily provide may be utilised to customise the content and/or layout of our pages for you. Our partners may store your preferences to track session information (such as items you have added to your shopping cart or clicked through to a link for example), and to track what pages within our Web site you access or visit.

As previously stated, at Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales, we do not locally store any personally identifiable data you voluntarily or automatically provide, other than to process a goods order, or to answer your own enquiries. Our website, domain, hosting and payment processing partners may though, and they may use this information accumulated for a variety of marketing and promotional purposes. This information, where available and accessable, may be also utilised by Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales for the same purposes. For example, we may use information accumulated by our partners to learn about your preferences, or to alert you to new areas or products when you return to our Web site, or to help us or our business partners target advertising to your particular interests.

We, and our partners, may combine some or all of the information gathered via the means described above with information provided by other companies and services. Budget Mobile Phones Repairs and Sales do not, but our business partners may allow other companies with whom they have business relationships to collect your information (personally identifiable information, automatic information, or both) on our Web site by using cookies or by hosting pages, banners, etc., on our Web site.

Do We Share the Information We Receive From Our Users?

We, and our business partners, may share your personally identifying information and the automatic information with other companies and individuals that we hire to perform functions on our behalf, such as described above, our business partners, for example, our hosting company, web design company, domain registration company, payment processing company etc. We never sell or provide information to persons or business who have no prior relationship with us, though, the information collected by our business partners may be, but in most instances is kept 100% secure and private.

We may share your personally identifying information and accumulated data with specific companies with whom we have strategic business relationships. For instance, we may share your personally identifiable information with other companies we partner with to offer you new services or to process or deliver your orders and/or to improve the reliabilty and services offered on our website. We also may share this information with companies we utilise to expand our Web site.

On occasion we, or our business partners, may send you e-mails containing special offers or promotional information. If you do not want to receive e-mails from our partners or us, please let us know by replying to the e-mails Unsubscribe or STOP instructions, indicating that you do not want to continue to receive such e-mails. If you have already registered but do not wish to receive e-mail from us, please let us know by sending us an e-mail or contact us using the contact information listed at the end of this policy. We will remove you from any of Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales future marketing e-mails within a reasonable time after receiving your request. We do not hold any liability or control over stopping any emails our business partners may send to you. We can only stop emails actually sent from addresses ending with budgetmobilephones.com.au and hold no responsibility for non action by our business partners or any other company who has by chance obtained your contact details. Every single marketing or promotional e-mail sent from the budgetmobilephones.com.au domain will always contain or include an option or instructions for a recipient to opt out of future e-mails or correspondance

Budget Mobile Phone repairs and Sales will never send offers to selected groups of our visitors on behalf of other businesses. Our business partners may though, but never on behalf of Budget Mobile Phones Repairs and Sales. In such cases you receive such emails from any of our business partners, the method described in the above paragraph to stop such correspondance will need to be used, with the company from which the emails are sent. Budget Mobile Phones Repairs and Sales holds no responsibilites for emails not sent from the budgetmobilephones.com.au domain. Due to uncontrollable policing of the internet though, it may appear an email or emails has come from the budgetmobilephones.com.au domain where in fact it is a unauthorised usage of our domain name. When this is the case, the FULL header of the email will need to be sent to the contact information included at the end of this privacy policy for further investigation. We will be more than willing to provide assistance to where the email has actually come from.

If you supply us (not our business partners) with a postal address via email, you will never receive direct mailings from us (or from organisations with whom we knowingly share your information), unless its for the sole purpose of known correspondance such as processing of an order, refunds, return of goods or to fulfill your own requests for enquiry. In such correspondance, we may include information about new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive these mailings with your orders or known correspondance with Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales, please let us know by using the contact information below. Please be sure to provide us with your exact name and address, and the reason we would be corresponding with you anyway. We will remove your name from our “include new products and promotion items (with known and expected correspondance)” mailing list and the list.

If you supply us with your telephone number(s) online, we, or our business partners (normally, for example, this would only be the case if there was a problem with a payment processing, in which case it would normally be someone from Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales who would contact you), will only use it to contact you via this number, regarding orders or enquiries you have placed online.

From time to time, we may use new visitor information for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in our privacy notice. If our information practices change, we will revise our privacy policy and post a notice on our Web site Therefore, please check this privacy policy frequently for any changes that we may make to it. Information collected previously will not be used retrospectively for any of these new, or unanticipated uses, it is up to the user to re-register for any new or unanticipated services offered by Budget Mobile Phone Repairs and Sales.

If there are inaccuracies in your contact information, financial information, unique identifiers, transaction information, and any communications that you have directed to our Web site, please contact us using the methods described below and we will correct this information in a timely fashion.


To prevent unauthorised access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, our business partners (web hosting, domain hosting and payment processing companies) have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we or they collect online.


We do not solicit or knowingly collect any information from visitors under 18 years old, unless accompanied by the consent of a parent, guardian or related adult. We recommend that all users under the age of 18 only use our Web site and other services if their parents or guardians are present at the time they utilise the site.


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